3 Million SF of LEED® Certified Properties


Nearly 90% of Tower’s owned and managed office and multi-family residential properties are LEED® certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Our goal is to reach 100% certified using the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating systems as guidelines to implement sustainability best practices in both operations and new construction.

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30% More Energy Efficient than Other Buildings


With 90% of our portfolio ENERGY STAR Certified with an average score over 80, Tower buildings use less energy, are less expensive to operate, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other similar buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program helps our team benchmark energy and water data, set goals, track progress, and measure success, pushing us to further minimize our environmental footprint.

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20% by 2020 Energy and Water Reduction Goal


At Tower, we’re committed to meeting the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge energy and water reduction target of at least 20% by 2020 over 2.8 million SF of our portfolio. Since 2010, we’ve reduced nearly 19% by benchmarking data, installing real-time energy management systems, adding new high-efficiency boilers, upgrading to LED lighting, and engaging clients and residents to reduce energy and water usage.

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50% Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions Since 2008


Since 2005, we have reported Tower’s greenhouse gas (GHG) data, initially with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders Program and now in partnership with The Climate Registry. Since 2008, we have reduced GHG emissions by over 50% or 18,000 CO2 equivalents.

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100% Carbon Neutral


We offset 100% of Tower’s energy consumption by purchasing renewable energy and carbon credits to support wind farms and other renewable energy projects. Since 2008, we’ve subsidized 10 wind farms by purchasing renewable energy credits for 100% of our portfolio. In the past two years, we have funded the New Bedford, MA, Landfill Methane Gas-to-Energy project with our carbon credit purchases to offset the emissions we generate through natural gas,

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Over Half of Property Waste Is Diverted from Landfills


We provide clients and residents with the resources and education they need to live and work more sustainably. Their willingness to act helped us divert 78 garbage trucks of waste (700 tons) from landfills in 2015 and has made it possible for us to collect and compost over 70,000 pounds of food waste and paper towels since 2013.


Over Half of Property Waste Is Diverted from Landfills2016-12-19T10:46:59-04:00

Providing Transportation Alternatives


Tower properties are close to Metro and other public transit, with many in walking distance of exciting DC area neighborhoods. We encourage cycling to and from our properties, either via nearby Capital Bikeshare stations or directly to our secured bike rooms that include showers, changing rooms, lockers, and fix-it stations. Properties also have electric vehicle charging stations and priority parking for hybrid vehicles.

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Leading the Way in Green Leases


We help our clients reach their sustainability goals through our commercial green lease program, which encourages them to build and maintain their spaces using sustainability best practices. In 2014 Tower was recognized as an inaugural member of the Green Lease Leaders Program developed by the Institute for Market Transformation with support from the Department of Energy. To date, we have over 800,000 SF under green lease.

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