Fitwel Champion and Advisory Council Member


We are committed to implementing evidence-based strategies that support the physical, mental, and social health of our building occupants. As a Fitwel Champion and member of the Fitwel Advisory Council, we are working with other leaders to advance Fitwel’s strategies and scientific rigor. In 2018, we achieved the first-ever Fitwel certification for a multifamily building.

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3 Million SF of LEED® Certified Properties


LEED® guidelines from the USGBC provide a foundation for our environmental sustainability initiatives. Over 95% of Tower’s owned and managed office and multi-family properties have achieved certification with notable accomplishments such as the first LEED-EBOM Platinum certified multi-family building in the world.

3 Million SF of LEED® Certified Properties2019-04-30T16:14:18-04:00

Top 10% of energy efficient buildings in U.S.


With nearly 80% of our portfolio ENERGY STAR Certified with an average score over 90, Tower buildings use less energy, are less expensive to operate, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other similar buildings. The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program helps our team benchmark energy and water data, set goals, and measure success.

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Met 20% by 2020 energy and water reduction goal


We actively participate in the DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge, a program that fosters peer exchange and highlights leadership in energy and water efficiency. Since joining the Challenge in 2012, we have improved energy performance by 20% and water by 25%, exceeding our goal of 20% energy and water reduction by 2020 ahead of schedule.

Met 20% by 2020 energy and water reduction goal2019-04-30T16:27:41-04:00

Over 45% fewer GHG emissions since 2010


As Climate-Registered Gold and the first-ever real estate partner, we have third party verified and publicly reported our greenhouse gas emissions to The Climate Registry since 2010 and before that to the EPA Climate Leaders Program. We do this in an effort to be transparent, understand our environmental impact, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Over 45% fewer GHG emissions since 20102019-04-30T16:23:01-04:00

100% Renewable Energy


Focused on supporting a transition to clean energy, our on-site solar systems produce over 200,000 kWh annually. We also purchase renewable energy and carbon credits to offset 100% of our buildings’ energy consumption and employee work travel since 2008 funding certified renewable energy projects in our backyard and across the nation.


100% Renewable Energy2019-04-30T16:26:14-04:00

58% waste diversion from landfill


We offer comprehensive recycling and composting programs at all properties and work closely with our employees, vendors, and tenants to promote landfill diversion best practices. Through these efforts, we diverted 58% of our portfolio’s waste from landfills in 2018. We also support reuse opportunities through clothing drives, eye glass collections, and shoe recycling programs.


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Providing Transportation Alternatives


Access to alternative transportation lowers stress, promotes physical activity, improves air quality, saves money, and keeps communities lively and connected. Tower encourages employees, building tenants, and visitors to take advantage of nearby public transportation, bike share programs and secure bike infrastructure, safe walking paths, and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at all our properties.

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90% of portfolio operating under a green lease


Our green leasing efforts began in 1997. Through the Green Lease Leaders program, we have honed our approach to integrating sustainability best practices into leasing. As a result, we have executed green leases spanning 90% of our portfolio, including office, multifamily, and retail, and have educated tenants and brokers in smart design strategies and operations.

90% of portfolio operating under a green lease2019-04-30T16:42:36-04:00