The Tower team is concerned on a global scale with the impact of our actions and business on the health of our planet and people. We think holistically and are part of a larger conversation and commitment to sustainability in every sense of the word. Our approach recognizes our innate need for connection and community. We’re a resource at the ready for our employees, clients, suppliers, and industry colleagues seeking to live and work more sustainably. Simply put: our business is our philanthropy. We view our mission and bottom line as one and the same. 

Kilowatt hours in electricity saved at our properties through energy reduction since 2010. That’s 25% less electricity used — equal to carbon sequestered in one year by 88,000 acres of U.S. forests.


The Tower commitment to sustainable building and operations starts at the top and goes way beyond our LEED® certifications. At every decision point, we consider the impact on the environment and on the health and wellness of all of our stakeholders. We employ cutting-edge technology to manage and reduce energy use and the lighting, air quality, and architecture of our buildings are designed to promote productivity and wellness. Then, we go a step further by challenging our vendors and contractors to operate more sustainably and providing programs and resources to help our clients and residents live greener and healthier lives.


As a local, family-owned company, we’re dedicated to building community inside our buildings and supporting the community outside our buildings. The Tower team engages in and contributes to local, national, and global communities through volunteerism and donations. In addition to company-wide volunteering, employees are encouraged to take paid time off for personal community service. And our corporate giving goes beyond the philanthropy of our owners — Tower matches employee donations made to charitable organizations of their choice.



We strive to be a leader and improve the industry by demonstrating forward thinking; challenging vendors; and educating colleagues, government, and clients about real estate’s transformative potential. At Tower, we achieve this goal through strategic and thoughtful partnerships with the following organizations and many more.

Crew Maryland Suburban
Boma International
The Climate Registry
Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce
Green Power Partner
NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
National Association of Women Lawyers
Rock Creek
Rockville Chamber of Commerce
Transportation and Climate Initiative
Urban Land Institute
National Capital Region | U.S. Green Building Council CHAPTER
U.S. Green Building Council USCGBC