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The Tower Companies: A Different Kind of Real Estate Developer

Move beyond the common wisdom surrounding why sustainable buildings are designed the way they are. Look deeper into who inspires their conception and creation. All of our environments – business, retail, residential and mixed-use – incorporate design aesthetics that ensure everyday rewards even for those tenants who don’t characterize themselves as environmentalists. Our owners are hands-on leaders, immersing themselves in every element of the business. They pride themselves on using the latest technological advances – and keeping operations as environmentally friendly as they can be.

Expand your understanding of how our buildings generate wealth…many kinds of wealth. Look no further than The Tower Companies for the eco building that’s right for you or your business. Inform yourself – and experience it for yourself.

Sustainability Highlight

We are pleased to share the first edition of Tower's Newsletter which focuses on our sustainability footprint. Click below to see the exciting statistics that highlight the impacts we have measured across our portfolio.